5 Surefire Decorating Tips For Every Living Space

Some homeowners think that decorating a space is difficult, especially for people who don’t have a background in home design in Dubai. But experts in interior design believe that everybody can do it and style their home according their liking and preference.


If you have an upcoming home renovation project to refresh your interiors, here are some tips that you can follow to design your space effectively:


  1. Start with your front door


When people think of interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is the inside of their homes. But the truth is, it starts at your front door. Your front door is considered the gateway to your home interiors. So be sure to create a good first impression by designing your front door based on your design theme. You don’t have to go all out. The key is to make it pop and put accents that would give a preview of what they would see inside of your space.


  1. Keep your walls soft and neutral


Although some people prefer to have their walls painted in bold and vibrant color, you can also go for softer and neutral tones to brighten the space and make it look and feel larger. Neutral-colored walls can help you be more flexible in terms of design. Choose between soften hues like beige and off white. This would help you change up your design accents easily.


  1. Make your seating furnishing conversational


The way you placed your seating furniture is important. This would determine the flow of the space and also provide convenience to the users. The key here is to make your seating furniture conversational. Placed them in such way that people will be able to talk and have a conversation. You can choose from a U-shapped setting or an H-shapped setup


  1. Bring in the sunshine


If you are dealing with a small space, one way to make it appear larger is to light it up, preferably with natural light. During the morning, open up your windows and curtains. If your space doesn’t have window, be sure it is adequately lighted to you can create an illusion of space.


  1. Update your furnishings


Old furnishings can make your space look old and outdated. Be sure to upcycle your furnishings to make them look good as new.


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