5 Ways To Develop Your Kids’ Love For Books and Reading

Reading is an essential part of learning. A lot of people get information from reading on books, magazines, and website. That is why it is essential for parents to help develop their kid’s interest in reading, even at an early age. Later in life, their passion for literature will be able to help them solve complicated problems and dealing with research papers would be a breeze.

The best nursery in Abu Dhabi provided a list of tips you can follow to help develop your kid’s love for reading and books:


  • Start with something that is visually appealing


If your kid is just learning how to read and pronounce words, do not use literature that might be too complex for them. Instead, use something that is visually attractive – more visuals than words. This would help get their attention first. This is the reason why children’s books are full of images, since the authors would like to visually engage first the reader until they consume the whole text. Try something simple first and once you see that your kid is improving, you can move on with complicated texts. This is one way of easing them to reading.


  • Make storytelling a habit


Another thing that will make your kid interested in reading is by constantly reading them a story before bedtime. Your kid will associate reading to your bonding time and it will make them more engage. As much as possible, set a reading time with him before bedtime. Entice him with different stories, so he will look forward to you reading the text. Later on, you can ask him to read the story himself.


  • Ask questions after reading


One way to know whether your kid understood the story is to have him repeat the story and what are the lessons he got from it. When doing this, do not correct your kid if his understanding is different from yours. He might have a different perception of things and it should not be taken against him.


  • Be creative in telling the story


When reading for your kid, do not just narrate the story. Be animated and creative on telling it. Some parents do reenacting do engage their kids more. It will help your kid to express himself and develop his creativity. Some parents are quite adamant to do this, but it will surely help your kids in developing their reading habits.

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