Some of the easiest step aerobics moves that you should try out

A major reason as to why step aerobics moves are so famous amongst people is because these provide you with the opportunity to take just a few simple steps and create a completely new routine out of them. This basically makes it possible for people to play with their creativity and try their hands and new and improved step aerobics moves all the time. Now, amongst the many different step aerobics moves that you can try your hands at with the help of your female personal trainer in Dubai, here are a few really easy ones that you must definitely try out:

The basic step
If truth be told, this particular step is actually the foundation of all step aerobics classes. It is extremely easy to learn for beginner, but if you want to make it a tad bit more challenging for yourself, just add in a bit of height to the step. To perform this step aerobic move, you basically need to step up using your right foot, and then switch it with your left foot. Now, use your right foot to step back down, and do the same using your left foot.

The split basic
The split basic needs to be started just like the basic step. This means that you need to step up using both your left and right feet. However, rather than stepping back down, place your right foot over the ground, and give it a bit of a tap prior to replacing it over the step. Repeat the procedure with your left foot now. Finally, end it just like you would when performing a basic step.

Tap up
This step is also rather similar to the basic step. However, to perform a tap up, once you step up on the bench using your lead foot, it would be necessary for the second foot to be used to tap the bench prior to coming back down to the floor.

The repeater
As the trainer at your chosen luxury gym in Dubai will guide you, to perform this step, what you basically need to do is to step up over your lead foot, and execute a knee lift using your free leg. Once you’ve lifted your knee, place the same leg down, and give the floor a gentle tap. Perform the knee lift again, and give it a tap five to seven times. It is also possible for the knee lift to be substituted with kicks or curls.