5 Ways To Expedite Your Office Move

Office relocation can disrupt business operations, either fully or partial. With this disruption, there are parts of the business that will suffer which will be costing your company. So as much as possible, you need to ensure that your relocation is done right on schedule and there will be no delays.

If you are currently planning your office move in the near future, here are some ways to expedite the process and prevent delays:


  • Create a checklist

Moving is not just about packing your things and bringing them to your new location. The truth is, it is much more complicated than that. You need to efficiently plan the schedule and logistics to ensure that everything is done right on time. With that, you need to create a checklist that contains a list of things that you need to do, who are the people involved, and the timeline. This can help you on implementing everything – from packing to transport. This phase will need crucial planning, so you need to meet with your team and the managers to know their requirements. It would be best if they can create their own set of checklist based on their requirements.  What you need to give them is the timetable.


  • Get the whole team involved

The managers alone will not be able to do everything, so you need to encourage everybody to participate with the move. Tell the managers to assign tasks to each member of the team and give them proper instructions to do it. But you also need to provide them with the necessary tools to be able to participate with the upcoming relocation. Be sure everybody is aligned with the plan to prevent delays.


  • Get professional help

You need to remember that the employees can only do so much. You still need to get the help of relocation services in Dubai to help you with the heavy lifting and other relocation requirements. It would be best if they will be onboard right from the start so they can help you all throughout the moving process. They can give suggestions with the logistics and provide the manpower to help with the packing and transport.


  • Check for loose ends

Sometimes, you are so focused on moving out that you forgot settling the loose ends in your current office space. Talk with your building admin and inform them about your upcoming move. If you have a currently lease contract, know the proper and legal ways of cancelling it.


  • Secure the new place

All those packing will be useless if the new location is not yet ready for use. Be sure everything is settled in your new office place, so that when the time comes that you need to set up, do not have to worry about fixing the place and you can concentrate on starting your business operations.

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