Rides That Will Make Your Dubai Trip Unforgettable

Touring Dubai is definitely one for the books. There are a lot of things to experience on this wonderful city. But the best thing about Dubai is, there are also a lot of ways to experience what this Emirate can offer to visitors, and one of them is by utilizing the rides.

Yes, you can experience Dubai by trying out these popular rides and transportation means:

  • 4×4 wheels


4×4 wheels are mostly being used in Dubai desert tours to pick up tourists and visitors from the pickup point to the desert. But aside from being a mere transportation service, it also serve as a form of entertainment for tourists who wants to have a different kind of desert adventure. These vehicles are also being used for dune bashing. 4×4 vehicles are perfect for such stunt due to its superior make. It can handle the toughest terrain on Earth like the desert. Experienced drivers can maneuver the vehicle in sandy surface and give the tourists a good show. Riding this on your Dubai visit would surely make your vacation a memorable one.


  • Sport cars


If sandy surface is not our cup of tea, then a race track might be the ideal terrain for you. There are top notch car companies who offer their vehicles for a test drive to provide entertainment and excitement for the guests and visitors. These guests are allot 20 minutes to drive around sports cars on the tracks for fun. A lot of car enthusiasts take a chance to experience this kind of thrill as it is not every day that they will be able to drive a fancy sports car.


  • Cruise ships


Cruise ships are common for perennial travelers. Some might have even booked a couple of cruise trips way back. But what makes a Dubai cruise ship special is that you will be able to relax and at the same time roam the city at your convenience. Superb entertainment and relaxation packages will make your trip worth every penny.


  • Quad bikes


Back to the desert. If you want to experience the desert first-hand, then a quad bike would be an ideal transportation means for you. Riding a quad bike can give you an off road adventure you are looking for. You can explore the dunes and experience driving on it by yourself, and doing it by group is more fun. There are competitive quad biking Dubai price deals that you can take advantage.


  • Jet skis


Dubai’s beaches is one of the best in the Middle East, especially the Jumeirah beach. The expanse of white, pure sand is enough for travelers to stop, get a mat, and lay back for a while. But for the adventurous ones, testing the waters literally will make the trip worthwhile. They do this by using jet skis. There are tour companies that have jet ski Dubai offers for those who want to experience the clear blue waters of Jumeirah beach.