Signs of depression in children

No matter how deeply word words you write and how profound sentences you write to describe the state of depression; you cannot provide an insight into what it is actually like to suffer from depression and to live with it. Suffering from depression is the most painstaking and heart-wrenching thing for individuals because it inhibits the mental growth of individuals. Specifically, depression in children causes a great damage to the mental and physical well-being of individuals. Therefore, it is necessary for all the parents to pay attention to the physical and mental development of the children. Every child psychologist in Dubai recommends parents to show and have deep concerns on the prevailing and prolong issue of depression.


Irrefutably, the signs of depression are pretty hard to identify because, in the beginning, an individual suffering from depression does not really know that what is happening in his mind. Slowly and gradually, all the conflicts in mind take a stronghold and strengthen its grip which makes the person weak and vulnerable inside and out. The same thing goes for children also because they are also unable to figure out that what is really happening to them. Even the parents often fail to identify the signs and symptoms of depression in children because of lack of knowledge on related to depression; therefore, it is necessary for all the parents to understand the stigma associated with depression because it is extremely helpful in making them aware on this grave and serious issue. Therefore, in order to give a fair amount of knowledge on depression and anxiety in children we have enlisted below some major signs and symptoms of depression in children.


Irritability and unnecessary anger:

Children are happy souls and they are more likely to stay happy and active throughout their childhood because they don’t have any sort of tension or a conflict in mind. However, children showing signs of irritation and anger occasionally are pretty normal but when they start showing it very often then, you must pay attention to the mental stability and condition. Thus, the moment you feel that your child is suffering from anxiety then, you must look up to depression treatment Dubai because it can be extremely helpful in reducing anxiety in children.


Changes in appetite and insomnia:

Children are more likely to follow a particular routine because of academic pressure. However, when you see that your child is suffering from insomnia and other issues that are disturbing his routine then, you must focus on taking your child to the therapist.